Family Planning

All our doctors and nurses are trained to give family planning advice. Appointments to discuss family planning can be made during any routine surgery. We do not at present have IUCD (coil) fitting facilities but this can be arranged with a local Family Planning Clinic. Please note that women must see a doctor or nurse for each issue of a prescription for the oral contraceptive Doctors will provide information and contraception to those who are under 16 years, as recommended by the 1985 House of Lords ruling in the” Gillick” case. The prescribing of such contraception is applicable providing the doctor feels that the patient is capable of understanding the nature and possible consequences of the procedure and includes the potential risks and benefits of contraception. The doctors will encourage minors to discuss contraception with their parents, however, in practice if this does not occur the rights of confidentiality remain just as strict respecting the patient’s confidence as if the patient were over 16.